How Do We Hunt?

Canada's Largest Egg Hunt is NOT your traditional egg hunt!

What makes it so unique?


With four colour-coded teams, families compete to not only find the eggs, but to score the most points. Teams earn points by completing a series of challenges associated with the eggs they find. Designed to ensure maximum participation from all ages, the challenges rely on the family and the team to work together! The winning team will have the chance to win an ultimate prize pack.

Sounds EGGS-citing, right?

What can your family expect at Canada’s Largest Egg Hunt?



Whether you come individually or with a family. Whether your family has two parents, one parent, one child or seven children. Canada’s Largest Egg Hunt is designed to turn families into teams who work together to accomplish big things.



Technology is everywhere these days. But, at Canada’s Largest Egg Hunt, we’re encouraging you to power down your devices, so you can power up the fun. For many of us, turning off our devices is the biggest challenge of all. And at this event, every challenge gets rewarded!



In the fresh and open air of the Milton Fairgrounds, you won’t actually be in an escape room, but think of those same principles and apply them to the hunt! Work together and solve the required challenges, so your team can work towards becoming the winners.



There will be a team that wins and there will be a team that loses. And that’s ok! It’s not about the destination, it’s about the hunt. If you are able to work together as a team to complete the hunt, that’s a prize itself!



Canada’s Largest Egg Hunt is going to test your mental and physical capabilities! With over 23 acres to search, you and your family are going to move!

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